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Add moisture to your hair and nourish the scalp in one spritz with Raices Hydrating Mist. A light spray with natural ingredients, bursting into soft refreshing scent. Smooth flyaways, refreshes scalp, leaving strands soft, polished and strong. Can be used for styling and post wash hydration.

Our highly concentrated oil treatment is uniquely and carefully crafted to give you a fast-absorbing and deeply moisturizing scalp experience. It provides highly nutrient-dense oils to open up your hair follicles and provide maximum growth and strand strength.


The perfect duo containing all the essentials for shiny, hydrated, healthy hair. Packed with super-light essential oils, moisturizing treatment sinks right in, offering long-term repair to all hair types.

  • Boost dull, dry hair with beautiful moisture.

  • Strengthens your hair while ingredients work to seal the cuticle of your hair, for a refreshingly healthy scalp and hair.