Herbal Medicine


Two years ago I decided to wear my hair natural, I started mixing up some beneficial oils into my scalp to treat dry hair, boost growth, and relieve itchy scalp. A year later, after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I started to purge all my daily products that weren't fully non-toxic. My intuition had been right in guiding me towards a holistic lifestyle. After noticing such an amazing transformation in my hair and scalp, I decided I would share my hair recipe. After several concoctions I came up with the best mix that is nontoxic and promoted growth from roots to ends.  

At Raices our mission is to help ​nourish, repair and restore every crown. Our hand-poured, beautifully-crafted bottles are filled with organic and locally sourced ingredients down to the very last drop. Raices is made for all hair types and textures.

It is made with love, from my roots to yours.